Welcome to the world of DOCH, a brand committed to simplifying life through innovation. At DOCH, we understand that life can be overwhelming at times, with multiple tasks and responsibilities that demand our attention. Therefore, we are here to simplify your life, starting with your home.

With DOCH, we offer an ecosystem for smart homes that is decluttered, easy to use, and tailored to the unique needs of every user. We believe that everyone is unique, and so is every home. Therefore, we aim to provide personalized and fully customizable products suitable for every user, every home, and every need.


Home automation is not just a product; it's a way of life. We understand that it needs to be built around the user's requirements, and that's why we focus on adaptability, flexibility, and simplicity. At DOCH, we are committed to building an innovative living that is decluttered, enabling you to focus on what's important and leaving the rest to us.

Our brand design principles are clean, authentic, efficient, and perceptive. We believe that our visual brand identity should reflect what we stand for and what our products offer. Our logo, DOCH, represents what we do. It ensures minimal inputs from you, creating actions based on inputs that adapt to you and your environments, taking care of you without you even being aware. A DOCH action is that perceptive and efficient.

In conclusion, DOCH is committed to simplifying your life.